Review: The Neverending Story by Michael Ende

I’m going to start by saying that I was completely obsessed with the Neverending Story movie when I was younger. I watched it over and over for longer than a month. Finding my tattered copy of the book was the best thing that could be happened to me at that time because now I could read about the more of the trails of Atreyu.
This book singlehandedly made me the avid reader I am today, so I felt it’s only fitting that it is my first book review.
It begins with a young boy named Bastian stealing a book and playing hooky in his schools attic. We experience both his point of view and the story he is reading. The reader quickly realizes that the two are connected beyond the tie between a reader and his book. Meanwhile, we follow Atreyu on his journey to find the mysterious cure for the Childlike Empress while fighting against The Nothing.

Yeah it sounds weird. If you’ve watched the movie it makes more sense. Kind of. This novel is very much fantasy. It takes a lot of imagination to fill in the gaps between the descriptions of things and the actions of the characters. 

This book has a lot of things not in any of the movies. There are plot twists, there is danger, there is more than there seems to be. There are creatures, there is plot. There is this amazing world that is slowly being swallowed by The Nothing. Don’t let it be taken by The Nothing.

You can buy it here and join me in the Ivory Tower.
Featured image courtesy of book-ish-ly.


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