Batman Year One (1988)

I’d never read a Batman comic book in my life before I read this. I’d had a deep loathing for anything involving DC because their movies are complete shit (Wonder Woman was the only shining light). Then one night, as I played Batman: Arkham Knight and wondered at it’s beautiful story, I realized that I had, in my blind hatred of DC movies, overlooked DC comics.

And here I am. I realized pretty quickly that I had no idea where to start on my journey to read these comic books so I turned to by trusted side-kick: Google.

I found this glorious post and just–started reading from the beginning.


Batman Year One was a four issue series written in 1988 by Frank Miller and drawn by David Mazzucchelli. It has hand-written cursive text that can be incredibly difficult to read and faded color. It has a newly returned Bruce Wayne and a just arrrived Jim Gordan. It’s absolutely my favorite Batman comic of all time. Bruce Wayne in a leather jacket? Yes, please. Jim Gordan cheating on his pregnant wife? Yes, please, also I’m so disappointed in you Jim.

This is the backstory of Bruce Wayne becoming Batman and shows the new relationship he has to develop with Jim Gordan, who transfered from another police force and moved to Gotham against his better wishes. The very corrupt police force is one of the main villians in this series, and you see Jim really struggle to reconcile the idea of justice with the assholes that are his fellow policemen.

We meet Selena, both as Catwoman and as herself, and see her frustrate the hell out of Batman. A fledgling relationship that never really goes anywhere but certainly frustrates readers as much as it does Bruce.

There are explosions.

There is Alfred.

There is Bruce Wayne in leather jacket (it’s such a small detail but I love it).

Buy it on Amazon.







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